My Rules

  • The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival. Never make me ask for it.
  • Have your ID available for me to inspect.If you don't trust me enough to show your ID then you need to look elsewhere for companionship.This is for safety reasons only.
  • The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.
  • Cancellation Policy: Most people are responsible and considerate regarding attendance at sessions. If you are one of those conscientious people, I thank you and realize that for you such a detailed policy may be unnecessary. I hope that even if you are not likely to cancel sessions, you will find it helpful to have a policy in writing. This is a very personal service. When I make an appointment with you it is a firm commitment that I will be there for you at our agreed time. I begin and end all sessions on time and that time is reserved specifically for you. There may even be times when I travel to your country or city, just to see you. Holding the time is using the time. Most people reserve time a week in advance. Sessions cancelled, even within the 48 hour/two business days cancellations period, are often essentially used by the person who initially reserved them. If you cancel before the session time you will be charged a full fee. If i have to get a Lawyer to collect my cancelation fee you agree to pay for the lawyer and other cost what may apply. If you have a chronic illness or health problems that cause you to frequently cancel sessions there will be a charge for those missed sessions. If your health is unpredictable it is up to you to decide whether you can make the commitment for an appointment. There is always a charge for forgotten sessions or sessions related to work, business, and travel. If your job requires you to work at the last minute you are responsible to pay for the missed session. If your job is unpredictable it is up to you to decide whether you can make the commitment for an appointment. Airlines and weather are also unpredictable. I understand that you cannot control many problems related to travel, so please consider your travel schedule when making the appointment. Again: Never Cancel our meeting/ booking / get together!!! I will send you a bill!!! Cancelation fee is 100% - sorry - These days People playing games and cancel because "something came up" . Be 100% sure that you have time to see me! If i arranged an incall place / hotel and you cancel than i expect that you take care also of the cost of the hotel 100%. If you arrange to see me you agree my terms
  • If you need to ask “what do I get”, you have entirely misunderstood the point of the high end escort experience. If “what you get” is what is important to you, as opposed to a mutually enjoyable connection and special date, then please look elsewhere. A fully inclusive high class entertainment experience is just that. And keep in mind, if i agreed to see you and than you send me explicit emails and/or you ask for sex - i will not see you. I wrote that on my 1. page. After agreement and than you ask for sex i will collect the whole donation and i will not see you. This is a read flag! Treat me as you would a girlfriend. Do you ask your date or girlfriend “so what will I ‘get’ tonight?” ? No! You behave as a gentleman, treat me well, and encourage me to feel comfortable with you, so she may feel inclined to connect closer with you. I am your professional girlfriend, an actual real human, and has the same feelings and self-respect as any beautiful, accomplished woman does. My clients come here for true elegance and authenticity.
  • I have to verify who you are first. I Need your first and last Name, your Location - when and where you like to see me, your legal age, If i am unable to verify / screen you i am unable to see you. If you are a Business owner please provide your Business Website. sorry no Facebook page or Instagram for verification. this is for my safety and to select fake , flakes and timewaster, but i am sure you understand.
  • Tavel Arrangement - #flymetoyou" and touring as your travel Escort: 50% has to be payes in front + air fair! I will not travel without a 50% deposit. There are to many fakes and timewaster around! But i am sure you understand! If this is not possible i am unable to see you on my escort tour or #flymetoyou Arrangement.
  • Meeting: i have to call you in your hotel room - on the hotel phone 1 hour befor our get together. This way i make sure that you checked in the hotel and that you are there. Than i get Ready and on my way. Please be in time and be in your hotel room!