Jan 05 2016

Hotwifing and Hotwife def. Cuckold wanted - cuckold in Manhattan, New York,Boston, Chicago and Miaim

Definition Hotwife and Hotwifing: Hotwifing is becoming a lot more popular these days and it can take on a lot of meanings to different people. Most people are not familiar with the terms "Hotwifing" and "Hotwife", but they do understand the two words "Hot" and "Wife". "Hot" being the modern term that applies to someone that is deemed attractive, and could also have a secondary meaning of "hot to trot"... as the old saying goes. "Wifing" could be considered a combination of the two words "wife" and "sharing"... thus we have "Hotwifesharing" or Hotwifing. The foundation of Hotwifing is built on the desire to allow a wife's freedom to share that hotness in some way. This desire is often first expressed by the husband, but not in all cases. Many women, now considering themselves to be hotwives, have stated that they had an interest in other men but didn't think it was a possible situation. Once the desire is realized by one or both people in the marriage, the first level of Hotwifing has begun. This is the level that either sparks the interest to pursue the situation or harbors it as a fantasy. The second level of hotwifing would be where one or both of the married couple (usually the man) begin to pursue Hotwifing, either by communicating the desire to their spouse, and/or doing things that would provide hints about the desire to their loved one. The third level of hotwifing is when both parties are at least somewhat aware of the Hotwifing desire, and accept it even on a fantasy level. This could be just talking together about possible scenarios of her kissing someone, or maybe you talk about her flirting with a friend, etc. The fourth and final level that we will mention is when a wife actually shares some degree of intimacy with another man. This could be going out on a date, making out with him, or even sleeping with him. This is all something that the husband would approve of and most likely encourage. Many times the husband is present or close by, but not in all cases. These are typical stages of Hotwifing, however sometimes things can vary. The most important thing is that you take things slowly and carefully, always communicating with your spouse. It can be a real fun process going through the various levels with each other's pleasure in mind. Hotwife sharing is a fantasy that a couple can enjoy together, and has benefited many marriages. It can spark a regeneration of intimacy for many couples. Cuckolding Manhattan, New York, Cuckold wanted, hotwife wanted, Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Connecticut, Greenwich, New Jersey, Atlantic City. Dominatrix and dominant hotwife. Arrange couple of hours with me and i play your hotwife and cuckold you. I also offer forced bi session in Manhattan, New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Miami, South Beach and you are always welcome to invite me to your city.